Segmentation Challenge

March 21, 2011


Eye of the Beholder

This is the illustration I just spent the last four days pounding out. The lead art director for Wizards of the Coast runs an illustration forum/blog for artists interested in working in the fantasy genre. You can check it out at This assignment was about picking an age group and doing an illustration for that group. It had to be an age group you don’t typically target and the illustration had to depict a human female fighter blocking an eye ray attack from a beholder.

Now before everyone gets all technical on me, I just want to say that I know this is not an accurate depiction. The beholder’s main eye has an anti magic cone that can dispel its own eye rays. Therefore if this illustration were to happen in the standard D&D 3.5 edition, the disintegration ray being reflected back at him would fizzle as soon as his main eye looked at it. I chose to completely ignore that fact and depicted the scene this way because I felt it created the most drama.

This illustration was due by midnight Pacific time last Sunday, I completed it one hour before the deadline. Now that I’m done I think I’ll go load up on Niquil and aspirin and sleep for a week. Oh crap, I can’t sleep for a week, I have to get caught up on all of those fiverr orders I put off to do this project. boo.


One Response to “Segmentation Challenge”

  1. Erik said

    I really like the beholder for this picture. Looks great. And the background looks fantastic. I’ll tell you what bud. You have come a long long long ass way over the years.

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