Ultimate Fighter Challenge

March 28, 2011

This is the comp layout for the Ultimate Fighter Challenge I’m doing for the artorder.com. The order calls for the artist to do a freeform illustration of the most commonly played race/class in D&D, the Human Fighter. This fighters is using a form of fantasy power armor. The armor is mechanical and uses steam powered gears and cogs to give the fighter an adjustable strength bonus. The higher he ramps up the engine, the higher the strength bonus is. However there is a risk, if he gets the engine too hot he could blow a pressure chamber or cause a melt down which would leave him in a suit of unpowered armor that restricts his movement and overall usefulness.

The steam is created by an engine containing two bound elementals. One of fire and the other of water. These elementals are contained in separate chambers within the engine. A mechanism inside the engine moves the two compartments closer two each other to create more power and further apart to generate less. The engine is located on the back of the armor between the shoulder blades. A melt down occurs when the engine gets too hot and one of the elementals (usually the fire elemental) breaks free of the bind. This is especially bad for the wearer of the armor. No one wants to occupy  the same suit of armor as a fire elemental, especially if your movement has suddenly become restricted.


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