Eowyn and the Witch King: Layout and Value Study

April 26, 2011

This is my value study for Eowyn and the Witch King. I’ve been having problems with defining the silhouettes in my final paintings, so I’ve decided to do a value study so I can get a better idea of how everything should work together in the final. As you can see I’m not very good with digital painting, or value studies for that matter.

This is what I will hopefully be basing my final composition on. I’m fairly happy with everything I have going on in this piece. As you can see, I did myself a favor and got rid of a few of the extra elements which I decided would take too much time to illustrate and take away from the drama of the two main characters.

I may still do the triptych if I have time… but seeing as how I have less than three weeks to knock this one out, its starting to look less likely.


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