Eowyn vs The Fell Beast: Final Layout

May 4, 2011

It really is amazing what you can get done when you suddenly realize you only have half as much time as expected. As stated in my previous entry, I decided to start this project over because my last composition was fighting it’s self and not in the ways you would hope a massive battle scene would be. Needless to say I am MUCH happier with the way this one has turned out. It has helped being able to seeing what everyone else is doing at the art order for this assignment. I’ve also benefited from the crits offered up by the muddies at muddy colors. However I do have the distinct disadvantage of only having half as much time to get the painting done. Lucky for me the layout, for my second go at this, came together almost freakishly fast. A day and a half ago what you see above was little more than a few scribbles lacking any real legibility.

As in my first comp, I really wanted to focus on creating a really interesting and unique vision of the Fell Beast. Which can be fairly difficult to accomplish while remaining true to the descriptions in the book. I really wanted to create a sort of Turkey Vulture-Fell Beast. I added metal spiky teeth which have been bolted onto the beak to add fear and create a more gruesome look. Well, I hope you all like it, I have to get to bed now so i can get up and paint all day tomorrow.


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