Black Bottle wip

August 26, 2011



3 Responses to “Black Bottle wip”

  1. IMMAR said

    This is looking awesome! too bad you won’t be able to finish it. You should still work on it as a portfolio piece.

    • I’m going to finish it. I just don’t have time to get it done before the deadline. I have to work 20 hours at my day job over the next two days and I have a four hour caricature gig I have to do saturday night which is also two hours away from where I live. I wanted to get a head start on this, but I moved into a new apartment this month and it took me a little longer than I would have liked to get my studio set up. So its been a rough month and this project has been neglected because of it.

  2. Howdy Anthony,

    looking forward to seeing this piece come to a finish, it’s looking good. I’ll bet those Zepplin’s are going to be a blast!


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